Puppy Power! Give Your Puppy a Paw Up on the Competition DVD

$ 25.00

Puppy Power! Give Your Puppy a Paw Up on the Competition

by Petra Ford, PT, CCRT, and Kristine Conway, DVM


Puppy Power! is the first step on the road to success with a new puppy in your chosen canine sport(s). Be proactive with your young dog's fitness program and decrease the likelihood of injuries while giving your puppy a head start on the competition. Puppy Power! exercises will improve your puppy's balance, spacial awareness and core strength without undue stress on a growing puppy's ligaments, tendons and joints. Performing these activities will boost your puppy's self confidence. With this DVD you can develop a goal-oriented program tailored for your puppy's unique needs.

This DVD demonstrates 15 basic, 17 intermediate, 11 advanced exercises and includes instruction in the use of the latest training equipment. Work with your puppy from the time you bring him home. 5- or 10-minute sessions three or four times a week will start your puppy on the road to a lifetime of healthy fun!


Check out a couple of samples of what you'll find on your Puppy Power! DVD:



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